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Affiliate with Us

The Europesure Insurance affiliate programme allows you to earn money by either selling golf insurance policies directly to your clients or via a link on your website. It is straightforward to sign up and you could be earning commission within days.

There are two options :-

1. You are given an affiliate code and each time you or your clients arrange a policy via our website and your affiliate code is entered, you will be entitled to the commission that has been agreed


2. You have a link from our website to yours and each time someone buys a policy via this link, you will receive a commission. We supply the link to get you started

What advantages are there in becoming an Affiliate ?

  • The system is easy to use and sales are completed online, including a secure payment facility, which reduces your administration.
    A back office system allows you to track sales at any time
  • Generous commissions are paid monthly
  • Policies for residents of the UK and Gibraltar are underwritten by Lloyd’s, Canopius Managing Agents.Policies for residents of the EU, other counties of the EEA and Monaco are underwritten by Lloyd’s Insurance Company SA
  • If you are an affiliate business registered in the UK or Gibraltar, you can promote the product to residents of the UK and Gibraltar.
    If you are an affiliate business registered in the EU, one of the countries of the EEA or Monaco you can promote the product to residents of any EU, EEA or Monaco resident.
    Premiums are quoted with the relevant insurance taxes applicable to each country.
    If you include a link on your website so that an insured person can purchase the insurance themselves, although you cannot promote the insurance to residents outside your jurisdiction, under the rules of your country regulator a resident of a country outside your jurisdiction can visit your website and purchase an insurance themselves and we will credit you with any commission due.

How are policies delivered to the clients?

At the end of each sale, we send an email to the email address used during the sale, which includes the insured’s Certificate of Insurance, our Terms of Business document, our Privacy Policy and the Policy wording.

How can I become an Affiliate?

You need to read, agree and submit online an Affiliate Application. If this is accepted, we will then forward your affiliate code and web link if applicable.